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  Country : China City : Alamdo  
The term TIBET here means the whole of Tibet known as Cholka-Sum (U-Tsang, Kham and Amdo). It includes the present-day Chinese
Places to Visits
Holy Mount Kailash,Jokhang Temple ,Barkhor Street,Norbulingka,, Namtso Lake,Dzashi Monastery ,Ramoch
  Country : China City : Beijing  
Beijing, an autonomous city with the status of a province, is not only the political center of the country, it also plays an ou
Places to Visits
Lama Temple, Tian'anmen Square,Beijing Zoo,Summer Palace,North Lake Park
  Country : China City : Shanghai  
Shanghai is 1460km/906mi away from Beijing from where it can be reached in a two hour flight or a seventeen hour train journey.
Places to Visits
The Bund,Yuyuan Garden,Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Wild Animal Park,Jin Mao Building
  Country : China City : Turpan  
Located in the eastern part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Turpan, which was called Gaochang in ancient times (from 3
Places to Visits
Flaming Mountains,Astana Graves,Aydingkol Lake,Thousand Buddha Caves of Bezeklik,Jiaohe
  Country : China City : Nanjing  
Nanjing lies on the Changjiang, in the west of the province of Jiangsu. In the east of the city rises the Purple Mountain (Ziji
Places to Visits
Yangtze River Bridge, Confucius Temple, Mochou Park, Drum Tower,Black Dragon Lake
  Country : China City : Lhasa  
Lhasa (Tibetan 5 ''Place of the Gods'') is also known by the name ''City of Sun'', because it i
Places to Visits
Jewel Gardens,Temple of Tsuglagkhang,Drepung Monastery,Potala Palace
  Country : China City : Guiyang  
Guiyang, also known as Zhu, lies in the center of Guizhou province and in the middle of a plateau flanked by high mountains. It
Places to Visits
Huanggoushu Waterfall,Qianlingshan Gongyuan Park,Underground Gardens,Yanwa Cave,Temple of Great Fort
  Country : China City : Dalian  
Dalian lies at the southernmost tip of the Liaodong peninsula. It is linked with Shenyang by rail and a expressway, with Shangh
Places to Visits
Tiger Beach Park, Natural History Museum, Xinghai Gongyuan Park,Modern Satellite Town,Port Arthur
  Country : China City : Qingdao  
The town boasts one of China's major sea ports, which is free of ice all the year round, and it is also the chief industria
Places to Visits
Mount Laoshan,Zhanshan Temple,Pier,Beaches, Pavilion of the Rebounding Waves
  Country : China City : Anshan  
Anshan is the third largest prefecture level city in Liaoning province of China. Situated in the central area of the province,
Places to Visits
Jade Buddha Temple,Qianshan National Park,Dongshan Park
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