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  Country : Hungary City : Budapest  
Budapest is a city of more than two million people, which sprawls from the hills of residential and historic Buda on the wester
Places to Visits
Castle Hill, Roman ruins of Aquincum,Matthias Church,Trinity Square,Margaret Island,Hungarian Nation
  Country : Hungary City : Debrecen  
Debrecen, the third largest town in Hungary after Budapest and Miskolc, lies in the lowlands east of the Tisza, on Highway 4; i
Places to Visits
Deri Museum, Debrecen Town Hall, Great Forest, Great Reformed Church, Flower Carnival
  Country : Hungary City : Gyor  
Gyor, 123km (76mi.) west of Budapest and 51km (32mi.) from the Austro-Hungarian border town of Hegyeshalom, lies at the conflue
Places to Visits
Cathedral of the Virgin Mary,Vienna Gate Square,Iron Cockerel,Church of St Ignatius
  Country : Hungary City : Pecs  
The visitor will be attracted to Pecs both by the climate and by the charm of this town on the slopes of the Mecsek Mountains i
Places to Visits
Cathedral Precincts, Mosque of Yakovali Hassan Pasha, Szenchenyi ter, Idris Baba Turban stone, Syn
  Country : Hungary City : Szeged  
Szeged is the lively economic and cultural center of the southern lowland plain, capital of the Csongrád region and with
Places to Visits
Palais Reok, Klauzal ter, Ferenc Mora Museum, Castle Garden, St Demetrius Tower
  Country : Hungary City : Miskolc  
After Budapest, Miskolc is the major industrial center and second largest town in Hungary. It lies in the eastern foothills of
Places to Visits
Diosgyor Castle, Miskolc Reformed Church, Minorite Church, Mount Avas, Szenchenyi utca
  Country : Hungary City : Veszprem  
The "town of queens" lies on the southeastern foothills of the Bakony Forest, about 15km (9mi.) distant from the nort
Places to Visits
Castle Quarter, Gisela Chapel, Bakony Museum, Veszprem Wildlife Park, Szent Istvan Bridge
  Country : Hungary City : Obuda  
Until its union with Buda and Pest in 1872, Óbuda was a somewhat sleepy little town, and in spite of considerable rebuil
Places to Visits
Florian Square, Zichy Castle,Villa of Hercules,Roman Military Town,Aquincum
  Country : Hungary City : Eger  
Eger is the second largest city in Northern Hungary, the county seat of Heves, east of the Matra Mountains.Eger is best known f
Places to Visits
Castle of Eger,The Baroque Minorite Church,Archbishop's Garden,Serbian Orthodox Church,The Lyceum
  Country : Hungary City : Kecskemet  
Kecskemet is a city in the central part of Hungary.It is the 8th largest city of the country, and the county seat of Bacs-Kisku
Places to Visits
Ornamental Palace,Kecskemet Gallery,Kecskemet City Hall,Jozsef Katona Theatre,Hungarian Museum of Ph
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