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  Country : Italy City : Florence  
Florence (in Italian Firenze), the old capital of Tuscany, called "la Bella", and now a provincial capital, a univers
Places to Visits
Baptistry of St John,Cathedral Museum,Palazzo Pitti,Loggia dei Lanzi,San Lorenzo
  Country : Italy City : Pisa  
More than 3000 years ago the ancient city of Pisa, which is still surrounded by 12th century walls, was once a seaside town. No
Places to Visits
Campo dei Miracoli,Baptistery,Cathedral,Museo delle Sinopie,Leaning Tower,Santa Maria della Spina
  Country : Italy City : Rome  
Rome is the capital of the Republic of Italy, the region of Latium and the province of Rome, as well as Italy's largest cit
Places to Visits
Colosseum,Palatine Hill,Roman Forum,Villa Farnesina,Pantheon,Trevi Fountain
  Country : Italy City : Bari  
Bari, capital of the region of Apulia and the province of the same name, lies in southern Italy - on the Adriatic coast. It is
Places to Visits
San Nicola,Trani - Cathedral, Lungomare Nazario Sauro,Piazza Garibaldi
  Country : Italy City : Venice  
Venice, capital of the Veneto region and the province of Venezia, lies at the very head of the Adriatic, 4km / 2 1/2 miles from
Places to Visits
Academy of Fine Arts,Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari,Basilica of St Mark,Doges Palace,San Giorgio Mag
  Country : Italy City : Milan  
Milan (Milano), capital of Lombardy and Italy's second largest city, lies in the northwest of the Po plain at the junction
Places to Visits
Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente,Sant'Ambrogio,Santa Maria delle Grazie,Castello Sforzesco,Teatro a
  Country : Italy City : Catania  
Catania, situated on level ground halfway along Sicily's eastern coast, is a provincial capital and the second largest city
Places to Visits
Piazza del Duomo,Cathedral, Mount Etna,Roman Amphitheatre,Botanical Gardens,Ursino Castle
  Country : Italy City : Turin  
Turin, capital of the north Italian region of Piedmont and the province of the same name, lies on the left bank of the Po in a
Places to Visits
Egyptian Museum,Basilica di Superga,Holy Shroud,Parco del Valentino,Galleria d'Arte Moderna
  Country : Italy City : Naples  
The south Italian port town of Naples, principal town of the region of Campania and of the province of Nápoli, lies on t
Places to Visits
Naples - Harbor,National Archeological Museum,Ascent of Vesuvius, Cumae,Capodimonte Park
  Country : Italy City : Bologna  
Bologna, capital of the region Emilia-Romagna and the province Bologna, lies in the fertile Upper Italian plain under the north
Places to Visits
Morandi Museum, Basilica of St Petronius,Leaning Towers,St Dominics Church, Bevilacqua Palace
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