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  Country : Bulgaria City : Dobrich  
Dobrich is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, the administrative centre of Dobrich Province.With 91,030 inhabitants, as of Februa
Places to Visits
Jordan Yovkov Memorial House,Golden Sands,Dobrich TV Tower,Dobrich Art Gallery,St.George Church,Holy
  Country : Bulgaria City : Shumen  
Shumen is the tenth-largest city in Bulgaria and capital of Shumen Province.In the period 1950–1965 it was called Kolarov
Places to Visits
Tombul Mosque,Shumen fortress,Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument,Madara Horseman,Shumen Drama
  Country : Bulgaria City : Pernik  
Pernik is a city in western Bulgaria (around 30 km south-west of Sofia) with a population of 81,052 as of 2011.It is the main c
Places to Visits
Lyulin Mountain,Surva Festival,Regional History Museum of Pernik,Krakra Fortress,Duhlata Cave
  Country : Bulgaria City : Haskovo  
Haskovo is a city an administrative centre of the homonymous Haskovo Province in southern Bulgaria, not far from the borders wi
Places to Visits
Ivan Dimov Drama Theatre,Alexander Tomb,Kenan Park,Haskovo Zoo,Monument of the Holy Mother of God,Mu
  Country : Bulgaria City : Gabrovo  
Gabrovo is a city in central northern Bulgaria, the administrative centre of Gabrovo Province.It is situated at the foot of the
Places to Visits
Central Balkan National Park,Racho Stoyanov Drama Theatre,Gabrovo Regional History Museum,Hristo Tso
  Country : Bulgaria City : Asenovgrad  
Asenovgrad is a town in central southern Bulgaria, part of Plovdiv Province.Asenovgrad was founded by the Thracians as Sten&iac
Places to Visits
Asen's Fortress,Museum palaeontological Asenovgrad,Asenovgrad festive week,St. Constantine and Elena
  Country : Bulgaria City : Vidin  
Vidin is a port town on the southern bank of the Danube in northwestern Bulgaria.It is close to the borders with Serbia and Rom
Places to Visits
Baba Vida Fortress,Konaka Museum,Vladimir Trandafilov Drama Theatre,Vidin Puppet Theatre,Danube park
  Country : Bulgaria City : Kazanluk  
Kazanlak is a Bulgarian town in Stara Zagora Province, located in the middle of the plain of the same name, at the foot of the
Places to Visits
Iskra Town History Museum,Buzludzha National Park,The Buzovgrad megalith,The Shipka Memorial Church,
  Country : Bulgaria City : Kardzhali  
Kardzhali is a town in Bulgaria, capital of Kardzhali Province in the Eastern Rhodopes.Near the town is the noted Kardzhali Dam
Places to Visits
Kardzhali Museum of History,NYVaptsarov Regional Library,Kardzhali Monastery,Eagle Rocks Thracian sa
  Country : Bulgaria City : Lovech  
Lovech is a town in north-central Bulgaria with a population of 36,296 as of February 2011.It is the administrative centre of t
Places to Visits
Devetashka cave,Lovech Regional History Museum,Vasil Levski Museum,Lovech medieval castle,Vasil and
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