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  Country : Peru City : Puno  
Puno is a city in southeastern Peru , capital of the Department of Puno , provincial and district counterparts, is located betw
Places to Visits
Church of St. John,Main Square,Pine Park,Museo Municipal Carlos Dreyer,Kuntur Mirador,Arco Deustua
  Country : Peru City : Sullana  
Sullana, is the capital of the province of Sullana , the Department of Piura , Peru . Also known as "La Perla del Chira&qu
Places to Visits
Sullana Mother Church,Square of Sullana,The Ornamental Pool,Sullana Plaza Grau,Sullana Dam,Sulfur Ba
  Country : Peru City : Juliaca  
Juliaca is the capital of the Province of San Roman and district of the same name , located in the jurisdiction of the Puno reg
Places to Visits
Church of Santa Catalina,Church of La Merced,Franciscan Convent,Christ Huaynarroque Mirador White,Ch
  Country : Peru City : Ica  
The city of Ica is the capital of the Ica Region in southern Peru. While the area was long inhabited by varying cultures of ind
Places to Visits
City Hall,Cathedral,Stone Museum,Huacachina,Sanctuary of the Lord of Luren,Adolfo Bermudez Jenkins R
  Country : Peru City : Tacna  
Tacna, is a city in southern Peru and the regional capital of the Tacna Region. It is located on the border with Chile, inland
Places to Visits
Alto de la Alianza,Tourist Circuit Tarata,National Railway Museum (Peru),Aricota Lagoon
  Country : Peru City : Pucallpa  
Pucallpa is a city of the east-central Peru , capital of Ucayali department and the province of Coronel Portillo . It is situat
Places to Visits
The square of Pucallpa,The square of Yarinacocha,The Parque Natural de Pucallpa,Folk Art (The Usko-A
  Country : Peru City : Huancayo  
Huancayo is the capital of the department of Junin in Southern Sierra region of Peru. The population is about 500,000, altitude
Places to Visits
Cathedral of Huancayo,Parque de Identidad,Constitution Square,Huancayo Sunday Fair,Cerrito de la Lib
  Country : Peru City : Cusco  
Cuzco located in the Southern Sierras is a fascinating city that was the capital of the Inca Empire. Cuzco is a Unesco World He
Places to Visits
Machu Picchu,Cathedral of Santo Domingo,Coricancha and Convent of Santo Domingo,Qoricancha,Museo His
  Country : Peru City : Piura  
Piura is a city in northwestern Peru. It is the capital of the Piura Region and the Piura Province. The population is 377,496.I
Places to Visits
Plaza de Armas,The Cathedral, Bridges,The Dove of Peace
  Country : Peru City : Huacho  
Huacho is a city in Peru, capital of the Huaura Province and capital of the Lima Region.It is located 223 feet (67 metres) abov
Places to Visits
Bandurria Archaeological Site,The enchanted lake,Chorrillos Beach,Plaza de Armas,National Reserve La
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