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  Country : Colombia City : Sincelejo  
Sincelejo is the capital and the largest city in the Colombian department of Sucre.It is also the main city in the denominated
Places to Visits
Majagual Plaza,Santander Park,Sincelejo's Municipality Theater,Savanna's Accordion Festival,San Fran
  Country : Colombia City : Tunja  
Tunja is a city in Colombia, capital of the department of Boyaca. It is located on the eastern cordillera of the Andes, 130 km
Places to Visits
Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of Tunja,Well Hunzahua,Church of the Snows,Plaza Real from
  Country : Colombia City : Villavicencio  
Villavicencio is a city in Colombia, capital of the department of Meta, and is the largest trading center of the Llanos Orienta
Places to Visits
Cathedral of Our Lady of Carmen de Villavicencio The Cathedral of Villavicencio, officially Cathedr
  Country : Colombia City : Itagui  
Itagui is a municipality in Colombia, located in the Valley of Aburra department Antioquia. Bounded on the north by the municip
Places to Visits
Simon Bolivar Park,Church of Our Lady of the Rosary,Library Diego Echavarria Masses, Itagui Coliseum
  Country : Colombia City : Riohacha  
Riohacha is the capital of the department in Colombia of La Guajira, the northernmost capital of the Caribbean region of Colomb
Places to Visits
Paseo de la Marina,Valley of the Crabs,Sanctuary of Fauna and Flora Flamingos,The Laguna Salada,Shi
  Country : Colombia City : Sogamoso  
Sogamoso is a Colombian city located in central-eastern department of Boyaca, 210 km northeast of Bogota, the capital of the co
Places to Visits
Archaeological Museum of Sogamoso,Little Lake Park,Monumento a la Raza,Plaza de Toros de La Pradera,
  Country : Colombia City : Ipiales  
Ipiales, is a city located in the Colombian department of Narino and head of the municipality of the same name. It's air an
Places to Visits
Santuario de Las Lajas,Plaza Twentieth of July,The museum of Las Lajas,The art museum Vosmediano Car
  Country : Colombia City : Duitama  
Duitama, is a Colombian city located in the department of Boyaca, located in central-eastern Colombia, in the region of Alto Ch
Places to Visits
Religious Art Museum,Hacienda San Luis de Ucuenga,Paramo Sugarloaf,The Liberators' Square,Trinity Ch
  Country : Colombia City : Montelibano  
Montelibano, the capital of St. George, is a city and municipality in the northwest of the Republic of Colombia in the departme
Places to Visits
Paramillo National Wildlife Park,Mining Complex Cerro Matoso,Beaches of Rio San Jorge,Ecological Par
  Country : Colombia City : San Vicente del Caguan  
San Vicente del Caguan
San Vicente del Caguan is a municipality in Colombia located in the department of Caqueta, 151 km northeast of Florence, the de
Places to Visits
Parish of Our Lady of Mercy, Episcopal Curia,Camino Real San Vicente,Suspension bridge over the rive
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