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  Country : Netherlands City : Breda  
Breda is a municipality and a city in the southern part of the Netherlands.The name Breda derived from brede Aa ('wide Aa&#
Places to Visits
Carnaval in Breda,Breda Jazz Festival,Spanjaardsgat,International Film Festival Breda,Chasse Theater
  Country : Netherlands City : Apeldoorn  
Apeldoorn is a municipality and city in the province of Gelderland, about 60 miles south east of Amsterdam, in the centre of th
Places to Visits
Jazz in the Woods,Palace Het Loo,Apeldoorn Culture Under Roof,Dutch Police Museum,Orpheus Theater,Qu
  Country : Netherlands City : Enschede  
Enschede also known as Eanske in the local dialect of Twents, is a municipality and a city in the eastern Netherlands in the pr
Places to Visits
GOGBOT Festival,Geuzenpop festival,Nature Museum Enschede,Rijksmuseum Twenthe,TwentseWelle Museum,Sy
  Country : Netherlands City : Dordrecht  
Dordrecht is a city and municipality in the western Netherlands, located in the province of South Holland.It is the fourth larg
Places to Visits
Watershed Festival,Dance Tour Event,Dordrecht Museum,Van Gijn House,GN Construction Stadium,St. Boni
  Country : Netherlands City : Zoetermeer  
Zoetermeer is a city in the western Netherlands in the province of South Holland.The municipality covers an area of 37.06 km2 (
Places to Visits
Snow World Zoetermeer,Dutch Water Dreams,Old Church Zoetermeer,The Hague Temple,Water tower Zoeterme
  Country : Netherlands City : Zwolle  
Zwolle is a municipality and the capital city of the province of Overijssel, Netherlands, 120 kilometers northeast of Amsterdam
Places to Visits
Museum Foundation,Ecodrome expedition,Peperbus Tower,St. Michael Church,International Guitar Festiva
  Country : Netherlands City : Ede  
Ede is a municipality and a town in the center of the Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland.The town itself is situated ha
Places to Visits
Open Air Eder Pit,Heideweek,Former Lunterse Day,Historical Museum Ede,CineMec,Airborne monument
  Country : Netherlands City : Lelystad  
Lelystad is a municipality and a city in the centre of the Netherlands and it is the capital of the province of Flevoland.The c
Places to Visits
New Land Heritage,Nature Park Lelystad,Agora Theatre,National Aviation Theme Park,Robert Morris Obse
  Country : Netherlands City : Leeuwarden  
Leeuwarden is the capital city of the Dutch province of Friesland.It is situated in the north of the country.The area has been
Places to Visits
Domino Day,Northern Film Festival,Elfstedentocht,Compass Photo Festival,The Harmony Theater,Fries Mu
  Country : Netherlands City : Venlo  
Venlo is a municipality and a city in the southeastern Netherlands, next to the German border.It is situated in the province of
Places to Visits
Limburgs Museum,Museum van Bommel van Dam,Winter Park festival,Free Funk Festival,ZOKS Festival,Thea
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