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  Country : Peru City : Ayacucho  
Ayacucho also known as Huamanga, is the capital city of Huamanga Province, Ayacucho Region, Peru.Ayacucho is famous for its 33
Places to Visits
Cathedral of Ayacucho,Temple of Santo Domingo,Plaza de Armas,Acuchimay viewpoint,Pikimachay Cave,Vil
  Country : Peru City : Cajamarca  
Cajamarca is located in the northern highlands of Peru and is the capital of the Cajamarca region.It is approximately 2,700 m (
Places to Visits
Main Square of Cajamarca,Santa Catalina Cathedral,San Francisco Church,Belen Complex,San Ramon Heroe
  Country : Peru City : Callao  
Callao is the largest and most important port in Peru.The city is coterminous with the Constitutional Province of Callao, the o
Places to Visits
Real Felipe Fortress,St. Lawrence Island,Palomino Islands,Spa Chucuito,Island of San Lorenzo
  Country : Peru City : Chimbote  
Chimbote is the largest city in the Ancash Region of Peru and the capital of both Santa Province and Chimbote District.The city
Places to Visits
Manuel Rivera Sanchez Stadium,Bay of Chimbote,Isla Blanca Beach
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