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  Country : Bulgaria City : Velingrad  
Velingrad is a town in Pazardzhik Province, Southern Bulgaria, located at the western end of Chepino Valley, part of the Rhodop
Places to Visits
Kleptuza,Fortress Tsepina,Cave Lepenitsa,Velingrad Historical Museum
  Country : Bulgaria City : Nova Zagora  
Nova Zagora
Nova Zagora is a town located in the southeastern plains of Bulgaria in Sliven Province.It is the administrative centre of Nova
Places to Visits
Nova Zagora Historical Museum,E.P. Sivkov Community Center,Beginning of Lent Festival
  Country : Bulgaria City : Troyan  
Troyan is a town in Lovech Province in central Bulgaria with population of 21,997 inhabitants as of December 2009.It is the adm
Places to Visits
Troyan Monastery,Museum of Traditional Crafts and Applied Arts,Troyan Peak,Livingston Island,South S
  Country : Bulgaria City : Botevgrad  
Botevgrad is a town in western Bulgaria.It is located in Sofia Province and is close to Pravets.Botevgrad is situated at a 47 k
Places to Visits
Botevgrad Clock Tower,Botevgrad stadium,Botevgrad Festival,Sellin Town
  Country : Bulgaria City : Karnobat  
Karnobat is a town in the Burgas Province, Southeastern Bulgaria.It is the administrative centre of the homonymous Karnobat Mun
Places to Visits
Markeli Fortress,Kosten Church,St. John Theologian church,Karnobat Clock Tower,Dimitar Polyanov Muse
  Country : Bulgaria City : Svilengrad  
Svilengrad is a town in Haskovo Province, South-central Bulgaria, situated at the border of Turkey and Greece.It is the adminis
Places to Visits
Mustafa Pasha Bridge,Holy Trinity Church,Monument to victims of the assault on Adrianople,Monument t
  Country : Bulgaria City : Panagyurishte  
Panagyurishte is a town in Pazardzhik Province, Southern Bulgaria, situated in a small valley in the Sredna Gora mountains.It i
Places to Visits
Church of St. George,Church of St. Bogoroditsa,Panagyurishte treasure,Apriltsi Memorial Complex,Rain
  Country : Bulgaria City : Popovo  
Popovo is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, part of Targovishte Province.It is the administrative centre of the homonymous Popov
Places to Visits
Popovo House of Culture,Summer Theatre,Popovo Historical Museum,Central Park Popovo,Popovski Mermaid
  Country : Bulgaria City : Radomir  
Radomir is a town in the Pernik Province of Bulgaria with a population of about 16,503.The town was first mentioned in a 15th-c
Places to Visits
Ostritsa Nature Reserve,Rumbling Waterfall,St. Petka Church,Choklyovo Marsh
  Country : Bulgaria City : Berkovitsa  
Berkovitsa is a town and ski resort in northwestern Bulgaria.It is the administrative centre of the homonymous Berkovitsa Munic
Places to Visits
Church of St. Nicholas,Church of St. Mary,Kom Peak,Berkovitsa Ethnographic Museum,Ivan Vazov House M
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