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  Country : Netherlands City : Bolsward  
Bolsward is a town with municipal rights and former municipality in the Dutch province of Friesland .it lies 12 km west of Snee
Places to Visits
Martini Church,St. Francis Church,Broerenkerk,City Hall Bolsward
  Country : Netherlands City : Dokkum  
Dokkum is a town in the Dutch city Dongeradeel and has about 13,000 inhabitants. Dokkum is located on the border between the Cl
Places to Visits
City Hall Dokkum,Waag,Water Tower,Great or St. Martin,St. Boniface Church
  Country : Netherlands City : Drachten  
Franeker is the capital of the municipality Franekeradeel , in the province of Friesland. The city has 12,900 inhabitants (2009
Places to Visits
Martini Church,City Hall Franeker,Museum Martena,Royal Eise Eisinga Planetarium
  Country : Netherlands City : Heerenveen  
Heerenveen is the chief town of the same name Heerenveen , province of Friesland . In 2007 there were 28,500 inhabitants of the
Places to Visits
Holy Spirit Church,William Harley Museum,Mennonite Church,War Memorial Heerenveen,Museum Belvedere,O
  Country : Netherlands City : Hindeloopen  
Hindeloopen is a small town in the Frisian town Südwest-Friesland . On January 1, 2006 had Hindeloopen that the IJsselmeer
Places to Visits
Mennonite Church,Bathing pavilion,Sylhus,Lock Hindeloopen,Great Church,Museum Hindeloopen,Old Town H
  Country : Netherlands City : IJlst  
IJlst is a small town in the municipality Sudwest-Friesland , in the Dutch province of Friesland and the Frisian eleven cities
Places to Visits
Terpensmole, Brass Knocker,The Rat,Old Town Hall
  Country : Netherlands City : Sneek  
Sneek is a city southwest of Leeuwarden and the largest town in the municipality Sudwest-Friesland in the province of Friesland
Places to Visits
Frisian Maritime Museum,National Model Railway Museum,City Hall Sneek,Large or Martini Church,Small
  Country : Netherlands City : Staveren  
Stavoren is a town in the municipality Sudwest-Friesland with about one thousand inhabitants. Stavoren is a former Hanseatic ci
Places to Visits
City Hall Stavoren,Lighthouse Stavoren,JL Hoogland Pumping Station,About Garden,The Female of Stavor
  Country : Netherlands City : Wolsum  
Workum is a town in the municipality Südwest-Friesland , situated in the southwestern Dutch province of Friesland .To the
Places to Visits
Great or St. Gertrude Church,St. Werenfridus Church,Waag,City Hall Workum,Jopie Huisman Museum,Light
  Country : Netherlands City : Bredevoort  
Bredevoort is a fortified town and former glory in the municipality of Aalten in Gelderland Achterhoek . Until 1818 Bredevoort
Places to Visits
St. George's Church,St. Gregory Church,The Prince of Orange, Aalter Port,St. Bernard,Bouwhuis Weaver
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