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Bukit Chini

Type of Location
Hill Station
About Location

Another interesting trek would be the Bukit Chini trail. Bukit Chini lies in the 'reserve' and is protected from loggers and plantation owners. There is an area deep in the jungle where the ancient sacred burial grounds of the Orang Jakuns are kept safe and away from prying eyes. According to the locals, it may take a 1-2 days trek to the burial grounds; passing through some of the most unspoilt land in the region . The trek can be arranged through the park rangers who manage the area and together with the 'penghulu' of the village, they will take you up to the peak. But arrangements take time. Besides, the cost is high. Just climbing Bukit Chini (Mount Chini) costs RM80 per person with a minimum of 10persons going. It requires a one-night stay in the jungle so allow 2½ days for the climb. Talk to the proprietors of the resorts, they can help you with these arrangements.

How to Reach

By Air

Penang International Airport (PEN) is located at Bayan Lepas in the south of the island. The airport serves as the northern gateway to Malaysia and is the secondary hub of Firefly, a low-cost carrier wholly owned by Malaysia Airlines as well as AirAsia, a pioneer low-cost carrier from Malaysia. Other airlines operating at Penang are national flag carrier Malaysia Airlines, SilkAir (a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines), Thai Airways International, Tiger Airways, Jetstar Asia Airways, Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific and Dragon Air, Taiwan-based China Airlines, China Southern Airlines, together with Indonesian airlines Lion Air, Kartika Airlines, Sriwijaya Air and Wings Air.

Penang Airport has direct flights to other Malaysian cities, namely Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu, Johor Bahru, Langkawi, and regular connections to major Asian cities such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou, Macau and Chennai.

The airport also serves as an important cargo hub due to the large presence of multinational factories in the Free Trade Zones as well as catering to the northern states of peninsular Malaysia.

By Car

Head for the Karak Highway that leads towards Genting Highlands and follow route 2 all the way through Mentakab, Temerloh and Maran. Route 2 will take you all the way to Kuantan but you will have take a detour to the right into route 12. Travel straight down this road until you come across a sign to turn right into Tasik Chini. This will lead you through a monotonous landscape of palm oil plantations. At a junction, there will be a sign leading you to Tasik Chini and the resorts. Turn right into this road. About 3km down the road there is another right turning. The Kijang Mas Gumum Resort signage on this right turn will lead you to Kampung Gumum where all running resorts are situated. For Tasik Chini Resort, follow the road straight in for another 2.5km instead of turning right to Kampung Gumum

By Bus

As all buses stop at the Felda Chini bus station, you will have to hitch a ride or catch a taxi to the resort, which is some 13km away passing by a palm oil factory and a lot of trash strewn all over. It's not the best to even try walking all the way to the resort - the scenery is appalling here and the air is pretty stuffy. So the best way is to call Mr.Yusuf at H/P: 010-9897 435 or house no. (6)09-422 1435 prior to your arrival and he will pick you up from the bus station. The taxi fare will cost RM20 per taxi per way. When leaving Tasik Chini, one of the staff will drop you off at the bus station.

Key places to visit
Malacca River, Melaka Zoo, Butterfly Farm, British Graveyard


Places to Visit

Malacca River

Melaka River is a river which flows through the middle Malacca Town in the Malaysian state of Malacca. It was once an important trade route during the heyday of Malacca Sultanate in the 15th century. It has lost most of this function in the present and is a mere tourist attraction.

Melaka Zoo

Located in Ayer Keroh, along the main road from the Ayer Keroh toll plaza to Melaka town. One of the best, if not the best, zoo in Malaysia. Even better than the National Zoo. The zoo is located in a reserved forest where the animal enclosures more resemble the animals' natural habitat. The trees within the zoo compound provide ample shades for visitors during hot and sunny days.

Butterfly Farm

The Butterfly Farm contains More than 150 exotic species of tropical butterflies including the raja brooke and birdwing. It also boasts of its own laboratory which is the first of its kind in southeast asia and second in the world. In addition to about 9,000 butterflies, it also houses miniature houses, snakes and an insert garden. It is also a favourite place for family gatherings.

British Graveyard

British soldiers died in Naning War fighting Dol Said and his men, were buried at the graveyard as a mark of respect for their gallantry.

Right Time to Visit

June - September


February - April -> 32(°C) - Summer


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