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Callao is the largest and most important port in Peru.The city is coterminous with the Constitutional Province of Callao, the only province of the Callao Region.Callao is located west of Lima, the country's capital and is part of the Lima Metropolitan Area, a large metropolis that holds almost one-third of Peru's population.Callao borders Lima Province on the north, east and south and the Pacific Ocean on the west.Callao was founded by Spanish colonists in 1537, just two years after Lima (1535).It soon became the main port for Spanish commerce in the Pacific.The origin of its name is unknown; both Indian (particularly Yunga or Coastal Peruvian) and Spanish sources are credited but it is certain that it was known by that name since 1550.At the height of the Viceroyalty, virtually all goods produced in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina were carried over the Andes by mule to Callao to be shipped to Panama, carried overland, and then transported on to Spain via Cuba.Callao is built on and around a peninsula, the district of La Punta, a wealthy residential neighborhood.A historical fortress, the Castillo de Real Felipe (site of "Rodil's Last Stand"), stands on the promontory overlooking the harbor.

How to Reach

By Air

Jorge Chavez International Airport (IATA: LIM, ICAO: SPIM) is Peru's main international and domestic airport.It is located in Callao, 11 km from the Historic Centre of Lima and 17 km from Miraflores.Callao is the port city now fully integrated with Lima, the nation's capital.In 2008, the airport handled 8,288,506 passengers and 98,733 aircraft movements.

By Train

The port is served by the Ferrocarril Central Andino railway which in 2006 is to be modernised from narrow gauge of 3 feet (914 mm) to the world standard gauge of 4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm).

By Ferry

Callao is the principal seaport of Peru, accounts for 90% of domestic shipping both commercial and military since its territory extends the marine terminal and the naval base of the Navy of Peru.While civil maritime transport in Peru does not offer commercial services regularly, several cruise ships anchored at Callao regularly.

By Bus

The inter-city transportation (which is the land connection with the other provinces of the country by bus) depends exclusively on the city of Lima where they are ground terminals serving both cities conurbations (Lima and Callao).Similarly, urban transport is completely similar and integrated that of Lima as they form a single conurbation.

Key places to visit
Real Felipe Fortress, St. Lawrence Island, Palomino Islands, Spa Chucuito, Island of San Lorenzo


Places to Visit

Real Felipe Fortress

is a building military style Vauban built in the eighteenth century in the bay of Callao (Peru), coinciding with the governments of the viceroys Jose Antonio Manso de Velasco and Manuel de Amat y Junient to defend the port against attacks by pirates and privateers.It is shaped like a pentagon occupying an irregular area of 70.000 m2, with a bastion at each of its five vertices.The bastions are named after the King, Queen or the country, Prince, Jonte or San Felipe, Princess or the San Carlos Tapia and San Jose or the Nativity.Currently its use is tourism serving as the headquarters of Museum of the Army of Peru.

St. Lawrence Island

St. Lawrence Island is located off the coast of Callao in Peru.It was built by President Andres Avelino Caceres to the territory of Callao by law issued on November 18 of 1899.The island has always been depopulated but today there exists a small naval base.The island has never had permanent human occupation by the absence of fresh water sources.He was constantly visited by people of ancient Peru who used it as a cemetery.In fact in the mythology of ancient Peruvian central coast marine islands were related to life beyond the grave.In February of 2010 the National Institute of Culture declared "Cultural Patrimony of the Nation" to twenty archaeological monuments in the island.

Palomino Islands

are a group of islands that lie off the Constitutional Province of Callao in Peru.Harbor a large population of sea lions and sea birds, so area have become tourist.he set consists of four small islands that are located 12 miles from the port of Callao, to the west of the island of San Lorenzo.The islands form an area tour where you can see a significant number of sea lions living in their habitat natural.The islands are home to large colonies of seabirds.

Spa Chucuito

It is a popular resort in El Callao.Its beautiful beach is Playa de la Ribera has other beaches one of which "The Carpallo" and also has a group of buildings called "The Residential Chucuito".

Island of San Lorenzo

It is an island with crystal clear water formed by hills and beautiful beaches of desert property.The back of the island can be seen visually from La Punta but the approach by sea you can see many sea lions.Part of the island is controlled by the Navy of Peru and is a military zone, other areas are declared as archaeological and / or national historic, in these cultures is no trace remains of pre Inca burial of pirates such as the Dutch Jacques L Hermite and remnants of the Callao naval blockade of April 10th of 1880 until January 17th of 1881, by the Chilean navy during the Pacific War.

Right Time to Visit

December - April


December - April -> 13(°C) - Winter


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