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Diyarbakir Turkey 's Southeast Region, and situated in the historic city . Has a history of the city center of Diyarbakir, about 9 thousand years. Diyarbakir city center is divided into 4 districts. These include: Bonds , Kayapinar,Sur and Larissa is.Mesopotamian and Anatolian civilizations of the transition region of Diyarbakir which is based on very old ages. Chipped stone and Mesolithic periods have around Diyarbakir and the caves in the archaeological research and understood that the settlement here. Egil-Silvan Hassun near the Tigris River and its tributaries near the Hilar caves on the Ergani medieval ruins that have been identified.of the city, 65 kilometers northwest of Ergani located near the town of Cayonu Hill excavations, was the world's oldest village.Cayonu'ndeki people over time, built the village of nomadic life, hunting and gathering food started to produce.


How to Reach

By air

Turkish Airlines offers daily domestic flights from Istanbul (IST) and Ankara to Diyarbakir (DIY).

By train

There are trains three times a week from Istanbul (Guney Express) via Ankara and a number of other cities on the way, including Kayseri, Sivas, and Malatya among others. There is also another daily train from Ankara (4 Eylul Mavi Treni), which takes the same route with Guney Express. On its way back to Istanbul, Guney Express, which comes from Kurtalan and Batman about 2 hours further east from Diyarbakir, departs from Diyarbakir on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays around noon. Trains to Istanbul get really overcrowded during early August because of huge numbers of seasonal workers taking the train to get to hazelnut orchards around Adapazari and Eastern Marmara on the way (short of two hours from Istanbu-the last stop of the trains), and it is impossible to find a ticket during that season without booking/buying the ticket in advance. Even if you can find a ticket, the ride is very uncomfortable, and because of the huge numbers of passengers getting off the train in almost each stop-even if it is in the middle of nowhere, where normally no one ever gets on or off-to replenish their water from station fountains, trains are extremely delayed, and it takes almost two full days to get to Istanbul. Avoid if you are not deadly on budget.

Key places to visit
Museum of Archaeology, Museum of Cahit Taranci, Grand Mosque of Diyarbakir, Museum of Ziya Gokalp, Safa Mosque


Places to Visit

Museum of Archaeology

The first museum in Diyarbakir, 1934 which is the continuation of the Great Mosque in Zinciriye Madresesi'nde opened. In 1985, the Elazig Dedeman Hotel located on the street behind the new structure in the Diyarbakir region taşinmiştir.Muzede excavations, artifacts acquired by purchase or confiscation, the Neolithic Age from the Early Bronze , Assyrian , Urartian , Hellenistic , Roman , Byzantine , Artuqid , Seljuk , Akkoyunlu and Ottoman periods in chronological order in many other works in any other sergilennmektedir sergilenmektedir.ayrica.

Museum of Cahit Taranci

The poet Cahit Taranci 'this house is the birthplace of the traditional homes of Diyarbakir is a good example. In 1973, the Ministry of Culture were invited from the purchased and converted into a museum. The museum Taranci Cahit 's articles, letters and books on display.

Grand Mosque of Diyarbakir

Grand Mosque of Diyarbakir, Diyarbakir Castle 'and on the walls of the Harput Gate and the Mardin Gate, located west of the axis connecting the mosque.Anatolia 's oldest mosque.which is dominated by Muslim Arabs in 639 by the city of Diyarbakir, the largest temple in the center was created and translated into a mosque. Then in 1091 the Great Seljuk ruler Malik Shah 's command was repaired with a large, many times in different periods, repairs and add-ons that the inscriptions on the way we learn today. Early Islamic period, the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus famous is interpreted as the reflection of Anatolia, the Ulu Mosque in Diyarbakir, the Islamic world 5 i is considered as Haram esh-Sharif. In addition the mosque is considered the father of cybernetics famous scholar al-Cezeri 'The sundial is made.

Museum of Ziya Gokalp

Ziya Gokalp 's lives were brought from the house into a museum in 1956. Gokalp's articles, letters and books on display.

Safa Mosque

Palu (Parle) Mosque in the name of the structure was built in 1532 in a Akkoyunlu work. Which is a very elegant minaret decorated with tiles and motifs have been preserved until recently, said sheath. West of the great Physician Lari Muslihiddin-i 's are grave.

Right Time to Visit

July - December


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