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Dobrich Province
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Dobrich is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, the administrative centre of Dobrich Province.With 91,030 inhabitants, as of February 2011, Dobrich is the ninth most populated town in Bulgaria, being the centre of the historical region of Southern Dobruja.It is located 30 km west of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast not far from resorts such as Albena, Balchik and Golden Sands.Dobrich Knoll on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Dobrich.A point of interest is the Dobrich TV Tower.Dobrich Knoll on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Dobrich.A point of interest is the Dobrich TV Tower.During the 11th century, Pecheneg invasions devastated the interior of Dobruja, leaving many settlements in the region uninhabited at the time of the Second Bulgarian Empire.The settlement was founded for a second time in the 16th century by the Turkish merchant Hacioglu Pazarcik, whose name it bore until 1882.According to Ottoman data from 1646–1650, there were over 1,000 houses in the city about 100 shops, three inns, three Turkish baths, twelve mosques and twelve schools.From the 17th to the 19th century, the city developed as a handicraft, trade and agricultural centre, being famous for its weaving, homespun tailoring, coppersmith's trade, leather-work and agricultural products such as wheat, linseed, wool and cheese.At the beginning of the 19th century, the city's population reached 12,000, many of whom refugees from eastern Bulgaria after the Russo-Turkish Wars.The cultural appearance of the city was also formed.The first Orthodox church was built in 1843.

The city was liberated from the Ottoman Empire on 27 January 1878 and renamed Dobrich on 19 February 1882 after Dobrotitsa, a medieval ruler of Dobruja.This was done by means of a decree issued by knyaz Alexander I.After the Treaty of Bucharest of 1913 (confirmed by the Treaty of Neuilly of 1919), Dobrich and the whole of Southern Dobruja were incorporated in Romania for a period until 1940. During that time, the city bore the name Bazargic and was centre of Caliacra County (judeŇ£ in Romanian).On 25 September 1940, the Bulgarian army marched into the city after signing Treaty of Craiova on September 7, 1940; date celebrated as the city's holiday, later changed to September 25.During the period of Communist rule, Dobrich was renamed Tolbukhin after Marshal of the Soviet Union Fyodor Tolbukhin.On 19 September 1990, a presidential decree restored the city's old name of Dobrich.Dobrich Municipality there are conditions for tourism development, which is determined by a number of favorable conditions.Leading among them are the rich cultural heritage, tourist attractions like "Old Dobrich", Art Gallery, Center for Conservation of Nature and animals, international festivals, fairs, proximity to beach resorts.The implementation of cross-border infrastructure projects and projects for cross-border cooperation will open new opportunities for intensive development of international tourism in the municipality.Dobrich has a well developed sports facilities, which creates an active organization of national and international competitions to attract training camps for foreign teams.

How to Reach

By Air

Varna Airport is located only 45 km.separate from the regional center - town of Dobrich.Its proximity to the Dobrich region has a favorable impact on the development of international tourism.By charter traffic airport in the summer connecting Varna and Dobrich with countries of outbound holiday tourism.Operate year-round scheduled services to certain European cities.

By Road

Territory of Dobrich is crossed by roads - to the Black Sea coast, on international transit road transport parallel "North-South" - Romania, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.The road network of Dobrich ensure access to the sea and river ports, Ro-Ro terminals and civilian airport.

By Bus

In Dobrich has three types of public transport - buses, trolley buses and vans of. At 23.10.2011g.In the city worked 22-lines: trolley: 103, 104, 111, 123, 124, 131, 170, 176, 177, buses 201, 202, 203, 204, 208, 213, 215, 221, 233, 238, 248, 301, 304a and 304.306.

Key places to visit
Jordan Yovkov Memorial House, Golden Sands, Dobrich TV Tower, Dobrich Art Gallery, St.George Church, Holy Trinity church


Places to Visit

Jordan Yovkov Memorial House

is a museum in the town of Dobrich, opened in 1980 in connection with the centenary of the birth of classic Bulgarian literature Yovkov Jordan - one of our most famous writers and humanists of the master narrative, whose works are included world in many anthologies and have been translated into over 40 languages.The aim of the museum and possessions messages Yovkov become known to more people - both Bulgarians and foreigners, and therefore it off in a hundred tourist site under number 23. The museum stores a total of 10,000 stock units guarding matter of life and creative work beletrista.Great interest to tourists is a remarkable work of art Stoimen Stoilov home in Memorial - "In the world of Yovkov heroes," which was painted ceramics.In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Union of Architects in Bulgaria, the museum building was awarded the highest architectural award - "Arhskar" for design work (arh. A. Stoyanov, Arch. P. Ganchev, Arch. Koev A., Arch . G. Mikhailov).

Golden Sands

is a major seaside resort town on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, adjacent to a national park of the same name in the municipality of Varna.Located 17 km north of downtown Varna, it is virtually connected to the city by a continuous swath of resorts and villa communities.It is a popular tourist destination, drawing many visitors from Romania, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Scandinavia, France, Central and Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf, Israel and other countries, attracted by the favourable climate, scenic landscape and reasonable prices.Golden Sands is served by several regular bus lines of the Varna public transit system.Buses 9, 89 and 109 connect the resort to Varna Railway Station, bus 409 connects to Varna International Airport via the city centre and buses 209 and 309 connect to other areas of Varna.

Dobrich TV Tower

is a 146 metres tall TV tower built of reinforced concrete near Dobrich in Bulgaria.Dobrich TV Tower, which was designed by Petar Andreev, was completed in 1979 and has an observation deck open for tourists.It is also remarkable by its design.A few kilometres away from Dobrich TV Tower, there is a mediumwave broadcasting station, which was built in 2000.It uses as antenna a 112 metres tall guyed mast, insulated against ground.

Dobrich Art Gallery

The Art Gallery in town of Dobrich (North-Eastern Bulgaria) is a specialized museum of arts.The gallery is housed in a building which is declared a monument of culture.It was constructed in the period 1933 - 1935 and is interesting as a sample of the European influence in the architecture (the architects are Italians and Romanians). in the Art Gallery Dobrich can be seen only in Bulgaria, a unique collection of paper works created by artists from different countries.In the interesting sculptures, installations, collages and other forms of hand-made paper have demonstrated the rich possibilities of the material- in 10 authentic cells, dating from the time when this part of the building was used for arrest of the police, are shown works of the contemporary visual art - installations, graffiti, video art, multimedia and more collection "Icons of Dobrudja" in the hall Vazrajdane - there are samples from whole Dobrudja region some of which painted by the Tryavna-masters painters, between the XVII and XIX century - wonderful examples of the Bulgarian Renaissance iconography.The gallery often is a host of guest exhibitions from France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Cuba and more.

St.George Church

St. George Church is built in 1842 and is the oldest Orthodox Church in the town of Dobrich.It is located in downtown, near the ethnographic museum of Dobrich.During the Crimean War (1853-1856) the church was burned down and was restored to its present form in 1864.The building has a height of 12 meters only, because at the time of its construction there was a law that prohibits the Orthodox churches to rise higher than the Islamic mosques.The church has very beautiful and well painted facade.The Iconography in the church date back to 1889.

Holy Trinity church

Holy Trinity Church is the main Orthodox Church e town of Dobrich.It was built between 1905-1911 year with voluntary contributions from local residents and officially opened and consecrated by the diocesan bishop Bishop Simeon along with the Skopje Metropolitan Theodosius, who was on special visit in the town for the event.The church is an impressive and beautiful building with a courtyard, where a small but very well maintained park is located.There are trees, flowers, alleys and benches.The beautiful stone columns, the capitals and St. Throne of the church are work of a master mason from Varna - Hristo Leonidiev.The church has also a Sunday school, a church library and a dining hall with free food for needy people.

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