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Ede is a municipality and a town in the center of the Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland.The town itself is situated halfway between the larger cities of Arnhem and Utrecht with direct rail and road connections to both these cities.There are no connections to any water nearby, however, there also is a direct road connection to the city of Wageningen which hosts a small industrial port on the river Rijn and a direct road and rail connection to the city of Arnhem, which features larger port at a greater distance.The environment is clean and green due to the fact Ede is partly built in a forest and partly on the central Dutch plains in the national park called Nationaal Park "De Hoge Veluwe".Economically, the town of Ede is doing fairly well thanks to the proximity of major highways and railways which offer fast connections to the port city of Rotterdam, the airport of Schiphol and the Ruhr Area in the country of Germany. The main sources of employment used to be a factory belonging to the Dutch Enka company and the three military bases situated in the northeast of the town. The factory however, has been closed and the military bases are largely underused ever since conscription was abolished. The town's economy is lately becoming more focused on national tourism from the more densely populated western cities like Amsterdam and Den Haag, on education such as local colleges and the large Wageningen University in the city of Wageningen.

As Ede is situated along the A12 motorway and a direct link to the A1 via the A30 it can be a very good location for companies to put their offices or distribution centres. Some of the more noticeable or larger companies and other employers in and around Ede.There are two station in Ede - Ede-Wageningen railway station and Ede Centrum railway station. Ede-Wageningen is the main station with services to Alkmaar, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Arnhem, Barneveld, Den Helder and Utrecht.Ede Centrum is served by trains from Amersfoort and Barneveld to Ede.There are four secondary schools in Ede: Marnix College, Pallas Athene College, one division of Het Streek and Groenhorst College.There is also a Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede (Christelijke Hogeschool Ede).Socially, Ede is a common town like any other in the Netherlands, with perhaps up to 40% Christian people in the town.Each year, there is a municipality-wide celebration called Heideweek (Week of the heather) which lasts a week largely involves traditional Dutch festivities, along with local customs. During the week, a Queen of the heather and a Princess of the heather are elected from several candidates and will be the representative for the municipality of Ede on various other festivities, until next year when another a new queen and princess are elected.


How to Reach

By Air

Ede has a heliport called Lukkien Heliport, which is private but if required use.In the municipality of Ede is Deelen airfield.This is only used for military exercises.Around 1900, Ede has an airport which is air base EDE.The municipality of Ede saw this great opportunity to develop and Lunteren Ede.

By Train

There are two station in Ede - Ede-Wageningen railway station and Ede Centrum railway station. Ede-Wageningen is the main station with services to Alkmaar, Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Arnhem, Barneveld, Den Helder and Utrecht.Ede Centrum is served by trains from Amersfoort and Barneveld to Ede.

By Road

Ede is an easily accessible location situated on highway A12 ( Arnhem - Utrecht ) and the railway line Utrecht - Arnhem.In July 2004, the highway A30 past Ede extended from Barneveld to the A12, which is now relieved and the residential accessibility of Arnhem and surroundings from the A1 to Amersfoort enlarged.

Key places to visit
Open Air Eder Pit, Heideweek, Former Lunterse Day, Historical Museum Ede, CineMec, Airborne monument


Places to Visit

Open Air Eder Pit

is an open-air theater in the Dutch town of Ede, which was built in 1936 as part of the relief work.Since 1911 this site was on a zandgat caused by excavation.The architect is Mr. Weener, then director of public works.The ticketing building, dressing and toilet facilities are designed in the style of the Modern Movement.The theater has 2060 seats.This number is extremely high, given the size of Ede at the time.The outdoor theater is also notable by the beautiful park construction.It's a national monument.During World War II, the theater was damaged by the Germans.In 1945 introduced the Canadian liberators of Ede repair work.Commemorating this is placed at the entrance of the gallery a monument unveiled.


is a festive week, which is held annually in the municipality of Ede in the last full week of August.The Heideweek is still a growing event.Nearly 5000 people every week so visit the heath market, and more than 150,000 people visit the entire Heideweek.This is the Heideweek one of the biggest events in Ontario.In 1935 became the chairman of the local tourist office decided to organize a Heideweek go.The goal was to attract more tourists to Ede and order the local middle class more income.It was a great success and the event was to mobilize in 1939 organized annually.From 1946 to 1977 was not held every year Heideweek, but since 1978 it is again continuous case.Traditionally, the heideweek opened on Friday.The mayor of Ede worn during a festive evening in the open air theater for one week's key Ede on the "heath highnesses".There follows a speech by the Queen's Heath and the party continues with performances by famous Dutch artists.In the week following various events organized in Ede and the other villages in the municipality.

Former Lunterse Day

an annual village festival in Lunteren, in the Dutch province of Gelderland.In that year, the Musical Arts Lunterse After Labor 70 years and then organized a large festival with a peasant.This is the Old Day Lunteren arise.The festival takes place on the last Friday and Saturday in August at the Heideweek of Ede , the municipality where Lunteren part. The Old Lunterse Day is well known in the region and attracts thousands of visitors. Many non-Lunteranen Lunteranen appear that day in traditional peasant dress . Also, many streets are decorated. The Old Lunterse Day is organized by the Committee OLD helped by many volunteers, among other associations such as Scouting Lunteren and first aid.The activities vary from year to year, but recurring items include the popular theater and the big arfhuus on Friday and on Saturday the match Best Mulder Girl and Best Mulder Knecht (Bicycle Race) a fair (big braoderie), a parade (the Reutemeteut) and ringrijwedstrijd on Saturday. The opening of the day usually takes place in it Arfhuus.

Historical Museum Ede

is located in the station Ede Center on the Museumplein. The building dates from 1902 , is also a national monument in 1990 by the municipality of Ede refurbished.The museum contains a collection of, among other tools , textiles ( clothes ), books, documents, paintings, drawings , photographs and videos, created in 1924 by the Association of Former Ede was collected.After a thorough renovation, started in 1973, the upper floor became home in 1974. After several years, this house again "converted back".


is the name of an infotainment center in the Netherlands , situated on the A12 in Ede , Gelderland. CineMec is both a cinema and conference location . CineMec is active in three areas: Film, Event and Congress. CineMec since 1999, with the opening there were only four rooms. Later this number increased to a total of nine rooms: 7 "small" rooms, with capacities ranging from 120 to 177 seats and a large hall with 336 seats.On Saturday, 31 October 2009 a new hall was opened: the theatrical exhibition. The room can be used as a theater with a capacity of 1,040 seats and a flat floor the size of 1,000 m 2. Thus, in this room for multiple purposes (cinema, conference, company) an event can be realized.The rooms can be used for the screening of films as well as a presentation space for conferences. CineMec has both analog and digital projection equipment.Each year several CineMec screen events (an event movie where a live performance on the silver screen get screened) for the general public. This is to include ballet, theater, opera and sporting events.CineMec are focused on family films and 3D movies. CineMec runs on all films and is annually visited by millions of visitors. Especially the ladies night for women who organizes CineMec are very popular in the region.

Airborne Monument

a memorial in the stabbing Netherlands.It was unveiled on 19 September 1960 by Major General Urquhart.The monument is a concrete pillar of three meters high.On top of the pillar is a brass eagle with spread wings.On the sides of the monument are emblems affixed.At first emblem is a winged and crowned parachute shown on the second emblem the arms of the King's Own Scottish Borderers and the third an emblem depicting a purple Pegasus.At the foot of the hill where the monument is located is a stone plaque.A small column is 15 meters next to a boulder with the inscription: Airborne 17_18 SEPT.1944.The monument is placed to the paratroopers to commemorate the Battle of Arnhem War.On 17 and 18 September 1944 came on the Ginkel Heath 121 Dakota transport planes to.From 2000 these aircraft jumped paratroopers to reinforce the troops at Arnhem.However, there were five planes shot down before they reached the moor.Before all the soldiers arrived safely on the ground were killed and 50 people already there were more than 150 missing.The monument stands at the northernmost point of the former battlefield.

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