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Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai
Type of Location
Wildlife Safari
About Location

About 175 km Northeast from Bangkok lies Khao Yai - a big mountain region in Thailand, that covers a area of about 2.200 sq/km and is one of the country’s largest national parks. In 1959 Khao Yai was declared a nature reserve and is now home to 153 different species of animals, that are protected by law.
Within this refreshing and scenic landscape, with it’s bizarre mountains, there is still untouched jungle, mountain streams and many waterfalls, with a preserved animal world, which includes wild elephants, buffaloes, deer’s porcupines, varieties of monkeys, parrots and parakeets, huge hornbills and another 250 species of birds. There are even tigers, clouded leopards and bears living here. A unique experience awaits you at dusk, when you see more than one million bats fly out and leave their daytime home in the caves.

How to Reach

By Road

Buses leave from the Northern Bus Terminal of Bangkok to Pak Chong, where one can take a songthaew to the Park. Alternatively, one can take a Bangkok-bound bus from Khorat and get off at Pak Chong. Cars can also be hired for comfortable journey.

By Train

Trains from Bangkok and Ayutthaya operate to Pak Chong daily. Then one take the road route.

Key places to visit
Mai Plong Waterfall, Birding Trail, Kang Hin Perng, Nakhon Nayok River


Places to Visit

Mai Plong Waterfall

Mai Plong Waterfall has been known for a long time, and improved to be a new traveling place. It is a five-level cascade, like Heaw Suwat Waterfall and Heaw Narok Waterfall, with its highest level is not more than 12 meters. Traveling to this place, traveler can find beautiful sceneries of rock and stream along the walking way 24 kilometers from Wang Ta Krai.

Birding Trail

Khao Yai is one of the best birding places. These all leave from around the park headquarters. Bird watching can also be done on the sides of the road and around the old golf course.

Kang Hin Perng

Kang Hin Perng, five kilometers from Khao Yai Forest Reservation Office 2 (Pha Kradart), is a big rapids water which drop down looks like stair, and famous place for shooting the rapids by boat.

Nakhon Nayok River

Nakhon Nayok River situated in the south part and important for local agriculture and economy, meet each other in Chachoengsao District to become Bangpakong River go to the Gulf of Thailand.

Right Time to Visit

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November - February -> 22(°C) - Winter
March - April -> 30(°C) - Summer


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