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Lake Baikal

Republic of Serbia
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Places to Visit
How to Reach

By air

The nearest airport is in Irkutsk, which can be reached from either Domodedovo or Sheremetyevo 1 in Moscow.

By train

The Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway both reach Lake Baikal.

By bus

Buses leave from Irkutsk station throughout the day. The ride is about an hour and a half, with several stops along the way, and ends in the small town of Listvyanka, at the shores of the lake.

Key places to visit
Olkhon, Tunka valley, Sayan mountains, Listvyanka


Places to Visit


Olkhon is the biggest island of Baikal and the largest lake-bound island in the world. It has become the lake's energetic center. Picturesque landscapes, sandy bays, steep capes with unusual shapes make Ol    khon a place to treasure.

Tunka valley

Arshan is the name of the village with medical spring resort in Tunka valley. Arshan is situated at the foot of Sayan mountains. The most popular and suitable activity is hiking - short treks up to the waterfalls and day long climbs to the peaks of the forested mountains.

Sayan mountains

Shumak is the natural spa-resort in Sayan mountains. The tour duration is 5 - 7 days and it is possible from June till September. The tour starts in a little village named Nilova Pustyn - similar to Arshan spring resort. An orthodox hermit named Nil was the first man who settled in a lonely forest and founded the base.


Lake Baikal can be visited in a one day trip by the highway from Irkutsk. The route runs through the taiga forest as far as Listvyanka village - a small Russian settlement on the shore of the lake - the best destination for the first acquaintance with Baikal.

Right Time to Visit

March - May
October - December