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Sri Lanka
Southern - Srilanka
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Sigiriya, located in the north-central part of Sri Lanka, preserves the architectural tradition of the country. History of the town dates back to more than 7000 years. The town is famous for its Rock, Gardens and Sanctuary. Sigiriya gardens are the amalgamation of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements. Detailed planning has been done for laying these gardens. One can pass a wonderful day in the sanctuary of Sigiriya. Many experienced tourists call Sigiriya the most favourable place in Sri Lanka to visit. The Rock of Sigiriya is also known as the Lion's Rock. Paintings of bare-breasted women were done over 1500 years ago.

How to Reach

How To Reach

International visitors have to reach Capital Colombo via air. Colombo is 183km away from Sigiriya. As for reaching Colombo from various parts of Sri Lanka, one can avail of extensive rail and road network.

Key places to visit
Sigiriya Rock, Gardens: Water Gardens, Boulder Garden, Terrace Garden, Palace Garden, Wildlife Sanctuary


Places to Visit

Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya Rock is the most popular attraction in Sigiriya. Once the Lion staircase leading to the palace garden on the summit was the most important part of the Rock. The covered staircase was made of bricks and timber. However now only two massive paws and brick masonry remains. Ancient limestone steps seem to have something special about them. The rock face has two pockets of survived paintings. The paintings are glorious examples of classical realism of Sri Lanka.


Water Gardens:The Water Garden, lying on the western precinct, has water pavilions, pools, cisterns, courtyards, conduits and water courses. These possessions are enough to entertain the visitors.

Boulder Garden: Boulder Garden is a distinct organic or asymmetrical concept. The garden with natural boulders and winding pathways is a nice place to visit with your family. The Cistern Rock has a big cistern made of massive slabs of granite. Another rock has a garden carved out on it.

Terrace Garden: This Garden is carved out of a natural hill. All terraces lie in a concentric circle ringing the rock, systematically rising above the other.

Palace Garden: This garden has lots of terraces and pools cut in rocks. It was the domestic garden with plenty of terraces and rock cut pools. The Garden lies at the top of the summit.

Wildlife Sanctuary: Sigiriya Wildlife Sanctuary encircles the renowned Sigiriya rock. It is close to the Minneriya National park. Vegetation here is mainly dry evergreen forest, shrub forests, and dry deciduous forest. Many elephant herds live in this wildlife sanctuary Sambar, eagle and falcon are other common creatures found in the sanctuary.

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