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Sinclairs Bay

United Kingdom
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John O Groats
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By Car

John O' Groats is 123miles north of Inverness (journey time approx. 2 hours 45 minutes) and 170 miles from Ullapool following the North of Scotland Tourist Trail.There is a large free car park next to the Ferry Office.

By Train

Thurso Railway Station meets this train and connects with either 16:00 or 18:00 John O' Groats to Orkney Ferry.This is for passengers buying a return ferry journey only. Not valid for one-way journeys

By Ferry

Large free car park at John O’ Groats Ferry office open from 8am to 6pm Tickets booked by telephone or email should be collected at least 30 minutes before boarding.

Key places to visit
Dunnet Beach, Sinclair´s Beach, Dunnet Head Lighthouse, Wick Beach


Places to Visit

Dunnet Beach

The Dunnet area is well known for recreational access with two of the best known recreational areas in Caithness – Dunnet beach and Dunnet forest. The area around Dunnet Bay and Dunnet Head is of particular interest to Ornithologists. Dunnet Forest is close by and there are numerous fishing Lochs within a mile. Dunnet Head, the most Northerly point on the British Mainland is just 3 miles away.

Sinclair´s Beach

This beautiful bay has the look of the Caribbean with a very Scottish twist – at either end of its four mile arc of white sand are the ruins of 16th Century castles. Don't expect to have such a scenic spot to yourself though, you have to share it with a feathered menagerie on land and be peered at by porpoise and orca eyes from the sea. At low tide the best way to see all of the beach is on horse back.

Dunnet Head Lighthouse

Dunnet Head lighthouse is the most northerly mainland point in the British Isles. It is a great place to visit and is also close to John o' Groats. The view is outstanding with Orkney in the distance.

Wick Beach

Wick Beach is an isosceles triangle with the river mouth as its apex, and the points of South Head and North Head, separated by about one kilometre,as the base of the triangle. Beyond the heads lies the North Sea. Pentland Firth line about 11 kilometres north of North Head.
The River Harbour with the ex-RMAS Fleet Tender Ilchester and windmill blades to the left and the river in the center. The Harbour Bridge is visible in the center.

There are three harbours in Wick, the Outer Harbour, the Inner Harbour, and the River Harbour, all of which are formed and protected by breakwaters. The Outer and Inner Harbours are on the south side of the estuary, divided from the River Harbour by a breakwater. The River Harbour straddles the river, with breakwaters on either side of an entrance about 30m wide.

Right Time to Visit

October - November