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Venlo is a municipality and a city in the southeastern Netherlands, next to the German border.It is situated in the province of Limburg.In 2001, the (now former) municipalities of Belfeld and Tegelen were merged into the municipality of Venlo.Tegelen was originally part of the Duchy of Julich centuries ago, whereas Venlo has a past in the Duchy of Guelders.On 1 January 2010, the (now former) municipality of Arcen en Velden, was merged into the municipality of Venlo.Roman and Celtic coins and remains of a Roman bridge across the river Meuse have been found in Venlo; it may have been the settlement known as Sablones on the Roman road connecting Maastricht with Xanten.Blerick, on the west bank, was known as Blariacum.Documents from the 9th century mention Venlo as a trade post; it developed into one of the more important ones in the Meuse-Rhine area, receiving city rights in 1343 and becoming a member of the Hanseatic League in 1375.Because of its strategic importance the city of Venlo was besieged several times.The most significant siege was that of 1702, carried on by Menno van Coehoorn.Consequently, Venlo was incorporated into the Generaliteitslanden of the United Provinces and later became part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

On November 9, 1939, two British Intelligence Service agents were kidnapped by the Sicherheitsdienst in what became known as the Venlo Incident.The incident was used by the Nazis to link Great Britain to Georg Elser's failed assassination of Hitler at the Burgerbraukeller two days before and to justify their later invasion of the Netherlands a neutral country on 10 May 1940.Because Venlo had both a road and a rail bridge over the river Meuse ("Maas" in Dutch) the city was severely damaged during several bomb raids (13 October – 19 November 1944) on those bridges at the end of the war.The Allied forces needed 13 attempts to destroy the bridges to cut the German supply lines and block a retreat of the German army across the river.These failed, the retreating German troops blew up the bridges themselves in an attempt to stop the allied advance.Allied forces however eventually did not need either bridge, but entered Venlo from the east, crossing the border to liberate Venlo from inside Germany itself.About 300 people were killed due to those raids.The raids also cost Venlo a major part of its historical buildings. However, some old buildings such as the city hall (the 'Stadhuis') and the 'Romer' house, survived the war relatively unscathed.Before the War, Venlo had an active Jewish community, after the war several members came back but it never returned to its pre-war size.

How to Reach

By Air

TrafficPort Venlo is an industrial complex and small airport near Maasbree, in the southeastern Netherlands.It is located near Venlo, along the A67 motorway.The airport was opened in October 2009 and is currently only available for microlight aircraft.However, it does have an asphalt runway of 700 meters (2,297 feet) long with room to expand and in the future larger general aviation aircraft may be welcome at the airport.It is currently strictly PPR for visiting aircraft.TrafficPort Venlo also has a traffic training centre for motorists.

By Train

The Venlo railway station is a junction station.It provides regular connections to the Dutch cities of Eindhoven, Roermond, and Nijmegen. Furthermore, it provides regular international connections to Germany, via Kaldenkirchen (the first stop in Germany) and Viersen to Mönchengladbach.

Key places to visit
Limburgs Museum, Museum van Bommel van Dam, Winter Park festival, Free Funk Festival, ZOKS Festival, Theater Maaspoort, The open-air theater Maze


Places to Visit

Limburgs Museum

is a historical and ethnological museum in Venlo.The Limburg Museum is one of the three provincial museums in Dutch Limburg, the other two are Industrion in Kerkrade and the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht.The museum has an extensive archaeological collection, the oldest pieces date from the Neolithic.The ethnographic collection includes more on carnival related items, devotional, agricultural implements, utensils and textiles (including clothing).The Limburg Museum has since 2000 housed in a building designed by the architect born in Venlo Jeanne Dekkers.The Goltzius Museum in Venlo disappeared with the advent of the Limburg Museum.The museum is located in the Juliana.In June 2011 began the construction of a new hall to the museum.In the basement of the building in August 2011 to the Maaasboulevard discovered mikvah in the 13th century placed.

Museum van Bommel van Dam

is a museum of modern art in Venlo in the Dutch province of Limburg.The museum belongs to the German/Dutch joint venture Crossart.Exhibited painting and drawing, sculpture and photography.The museum was founded by the Amsterdam couple Martin and Reina van Bommel-van Dam who after World War II began collecting art. Maarten van Bommel was a banker and art lover.In 1969 their home in Amsterdam too small.Then the couple decided the collection of approximately 1200 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures in the municipality of Venlo to donate. Condition was that the collection was housed in a museum and a house next to the museum for the couple became available, which the couple with an interior door had free access to the museum.In 1971 the museum opened to the couple said.Maarten van Bommel in 1991 deceased.His wife, Reina van Bommel, born in Barneveld on December 31 1910, died aged 97 on July 29, 2008.

Winter Park festival

is a multicultural festival that takes place every August in Julianapark to Venlo in the week before the end of the school from Thursday to Sunday. Partly due to the many volunteers and sponsors , the festival is free. It is the largest free multi-day festival in the Netherlands, with mostly unknown artists.Originally, the Summer Park festival a celebration of the residents of the Juliana Heutzstraat lying. The first edition of the Summer Park festival (then Summer Street Party, featuring Jango Edwards ) was held in 1977 and has since grown into one of the most famous festivals in the surrounding country of Venlo. Today the visitors four days on five stages plus spoiled the festival which are held mostly mini-theater, is a daily newspaper published (Parkpraot) and are available daily podcast (Park Service).

Free Funk Festival

was a two-day dance festival in the Juliana in Venlo.The Free Funk Festival, every year on the first Saturday and Sunday of July. Partly due to the many volunteers and sponsors the festival was free.The Free Funk Festival was first held in 2004. Started as a free dance festival with a stage on Sunday from 12 noon until 0.00 am was in the last year has grown into a two day festival with a total of four stages where sustainability is central. After six years of rising success keeps Free Funk Festival Venlo in Venlo to exist.The organization can not be combined with the use of private work. Free Funk was in July 2009 in Venlo Julianapark over 30,000 visitors.The Free Funk Festival was during the last edition in July 2009 on the Saturday and Sunday by a total of 30,000 visitors.The organization tried as environmentally conscious busy. The main stage was lit with LED lights and a large part for this has been generated by solar energy.For the cups were used in biodegradable cups. The organization also tried to separate waste as possible and was to promote use of recycled, natural bleached paper.

ZOKS Festival

in 1987 began as a small music festival with three bands on a makeshift stage for the City Hall in Venlo, organized by youth center to the southern corner, O OC (now Perron 55 ), K WJ (youth) and Open Youth Centre S Ingel.Since then the festival has been moved several times, including the Old Market and the car park at the station Blerick.For several years the festival has a permanent place on the Lambert in Blerick district Smelienkamp, surrounded the houses. Also, the festival has moved since the last half stage got there.Today the festival is supported by approximately 120 vrijwillligers and kill nearly 15,000 visitors per issue.Since the festival in the town is perched Blerick, it takes two days, Friday and Saturday. It is held the first weekend after the arrival of summer weather in June.

Theater Maaspoort

is a theater and conference center located between the Old Market and Pepper Street in Venlo.On August 24, 1984, the Maaspoort by Queen Beatrix opened. First director was G. Abbe House, later succeeded by Schmeitz Math.The name recalls the Maaspoort former city gate in the immediate vicinity of the current theater was.In 1984, the former, by Hendrik Petrus Berlage designed theater Prince of Orange (popularly known as simply The Prince) after seventy years of service closed, because the location of the theater did not meet the requirements of Venlo.Given the current site of the Maaspoort was room for rezoning, decided in 1982 to begin construction of the theater, which opened almost simultaneously as the old theater had its last performance.Like its predecessor, the Maaspoort a large hall, but with some smaller rooms on the second and third floor.In the nineties it became clear that there is a need for some expansion.Since the town currently is the plan Maasboulevard realize, saw an opportunity to provide additional room space to build the theater complex to extend the monument The Luif .This expansion will mean the final stage in the plan and will Maasboulevard, expected at the end of 2011.

The open-air theater Maze

The open-air theater originated in a late nineteenth-century bidtuin.Central to the park is the play room with a terrace-like structure, levels and numerous connections via stairs, gates and paths. Together with the central temple flanked by two palaces are all over 70 years ago, designed as a permanent venue for the Passion Play Tegelen.This play, now staged every five years, continue to draw large numbers of visitors, in 2000, more than 60,000.Meanwhile there are also other cultural events, as since 1984 the annual Blues Rock Festival in September.Every year (since 1984 ) will find on the first Saturday of September also busy Bluesrock Festival site.Big names like Gary Moore , Rory Gallagher (several times), Ten Years After and Johnny Winter have occurred. There is always room for Dutch bands.

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