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Shandong Sheng
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Weifang is a city in Shandong Province.

Weifang is a prefecture-level city in central Shandong province, People's Republic of China. It borders Dongying to the northwest, Zibo to the west, Linyi to the southwest, Rizhao to the south, Qingdao to the east, and looks out to the Laizhou Bay to the north.

How to Reach

By train

The train station is very new and comfortable when compared to other cities in the province.

Weifang is on the main line from Jinan to Qingdao and by bullet train it's about 2 hours to Jinan and only an hour to get to Qingdao. There's plenty of transport outside the station, however the immediate surrounding area is undergoing heavy construction (welcome to Weifang).

By bus

There are two main bus stations in Weifang, one of which is undergoing construction and is located across the train station. The other one is down the road from the train station - one kilometer or so.

With the new bullet trains, short-distance buses see much less passengers, however during holidays are sometimes the only way to go. As there is no pre-booking of bus tickets, simply show up the day (morning is better) you want to go.

Key places to visit
The International Kite Festival, The Kite museum & square, The Kite Factory, Amusement Park, Weifang Museum


Places to Visit

The International Kite Festival

is held each year on or around April 20th. Kiters from around the globe come to hoist their prized possession skyward in differing competitions ranging from largest kite to synchronized flying, team competitions and also general kite displaying and flying. Locals and visitors alike are welcome to bring their own kite and cast it into the wind.

The Kite museum & square

is located in the financial district, across from the giant Bank of China. A nice place to witness old men playing traditional games of chess or cards or other games, buy a kite, or people watch. The Museum is worth a look to glimpse kites from around the world and the brush up on your kite history.

The Kite Factory

lies outside of Weifang in a place called YangJiaPu. Inside the museum cum factory one will witness traditional kite making and production in a traditional Chinese setting of small gardens, old buildings and a slower pace of life.

Amusement Park

described as having not only the largest roller coaster in Shandong, but all of mainland China, the amusement park is a fun way to spend a day.

Weifang Museum

across the street from the amusement park is a nice way to spend a bad weather afternoon.

Right Time to Visit

January - April
October - December


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