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By Air

There are a large number of flights arriving to the Townsville International Airport everyday, and this you can avail ay flight to come over here. Virgin Blue Airlines, Jetstar, Qantas, Macair and Skytrains are some of the major airlines that have regular flights to this city. There are a large number of cheap as well as discount flights to this city, which you can avail of.

By Train

The cities of Australia are connected with one another by an extensive railway system. You can catch a train from Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and come to this city directly. Rail services are provided by ace The Queenslanderae?, which is known for its world-class services and facilities. Tilt Train and Sunlander are the main trains that connect Townsville with other cities of Australia. Traveling by train is an economical way of getting to this city.

By Road

The entire country has a fabulous network of roads that connect the different towns and cities of the country with one another. There area large number of bus companies that bring tourist from different places to Townsville. The Greyhound Australia is an express bus line that connects Townsville with the other cities of the country. If you do not want to board a bus, then you can also hire a car and drive down to this place. There are a large number of car hiring companies from whom you can hire a car and drive down to this city.
Key places to visit
Queensland Military Museum, Flinders Street, Bowling Green Bay National Park, Magnetic Island


Places to Visit

Magnetic Island

 Captain Cook named the island when he sailed past on 6th June 1770 as his compass would not work well. Magnetic Island has 16 beaches and lots of accommodation from cheap to resort style. There are more than 22km of walking tracks on the island, as well as an aquarium, a koala sanctuary and a pottery. Magnetic Island is divided into four sections Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay, Arcadia and Horseshoe Bay.

The passenger ferry arrives at Picnic Bay , which is the southern tip of the island. The passenger ferry operates from two points on the city side of the river. The terminal is in Flinders Street . There is a second pick-up point closer to the mouth of the river, on the breakwater along the road to the Casino.

Bowling Green Bay National Park

Bowling Green Bay National Park consists of a rugged, hilly wilderness and a lowland area in the delta of the Burdekin River, with mangrove swamps and salt pans, extending to Cape Bowling Green. The areas of marsh and deposits of mud are constantly growing, providing nesting sites for large numbers of water birds. There are two granite hills in the park, Mount Elliot in the south and Cape Cleveland in the north. In the wetter areas round the hills there are the most southerly expanses of tropical rain forest in Australia. There is a popular bathing spot on Alligator Creek, from which a walking trail follows the river to a waterfall.

Flinders Street

The town's main street is Flinders Street, which has many handsome buildings of the colonial period; part of the street is now a pedestrian zone (Flinders Mall). Among the most notable buildings are the Australian Bank of Commerce (1888), the Cabaret Restaurant, Magnetic House (1887-88), the National Bank (1880) and the post office (1886), whose original clock tower was pulled down during the Second World War and replaced in 1964 by a tower with a copper dome.

Queensland Military Museum

Located at Jezzine Army Barracks, a collection of military artefacts to explore as well as lovely area to enjoy a picnic and view the water.

Right Time to Visit

December - March
July - September